Wednesday, 26 September 2012


With the return of Malcolm's parents, we found ourselves children free for 2 days. We took this precious opportunity to dine out in peace. As it was a last minute decision, we gravitated to what has now become our usual in such circumstances...Waqu. It is modern Japanese cuisine which is close to home, and on a weekday night usually has availability for 2 diners right if you rock up right up opening time. The 6 course degustation menu changes seasonally and is quite good value coming at $68 per person. The food also comes out quickly, very important for people who are used to scoffing their food down!

We tried very hard to remain serious as we listened to the wait staff announcing each course. Sweet and efficient they were, but their japanese accents were at times difficult to decipher! It was a good thing that we remembered to take a photo of the menu...

We tried very hard to work out what this was but couldn't. As it was compliments of the kitchen it wasn't on the menu! Whatever it was made of, it was delicious!

Jerusalem artichoke soup with mushroom puree

Prawn and asparagus on asparagus puree, yuzu sauce and powder, with prawn and scallop shinjo accompanied by crispy prawn chips. Don't ask me what yuzu or shinjo is...

Chicken and duck terrine with celeriac sauce, fig jam and sherry vinegar marinated grape. A surprise hit! Looks ordinary but packed with flavour.

Pan fried barramundi with black sesame sauce, buttter and bread sauce, smoked bacon foam, and sauteed shimeji

Roasted duck with red wine sauce on parsnip puree and beetroot crumble. Mmmmm
The dessert was awesome! Green tea and white chocolate mousse with strawberry sorbet, cassis and ganache, and coconut and tapioca sauce.

Last but not least, some macaroons to take home. Cardamom mango, greentea and raspberyy and caramel coffee

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  1. what a lovely meal! I wanna go there now! When we go to Sydney we stay with friends in Kirribilli (I'm from Artarmon) so this will be on the list!
    Yuzu is an asian citrus and shinjo is prawn dumpling