Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Goodbye To Babysitting Again!

Sigh...and this time it is farewell to the my parents as they travel to Hong Kong, China and Japan for the next month. They will be joined by my aunts and uncles, one set from Brisbane and the other all the way from Holland.

We helped them purchase and set up a global prepaid roaming simcard called TravelSIM for their travels. My uncle already owns one and it means that they get to call each other for only $0.25 per minute from anywhere in the world which isn't bad. The coverage with regards to numbers of countries is decent, as are the rates. The SIM would definitely come in handy for our upcoming trip to Europe, not just for France and Italy, but also for places like Egypt, Turkey and Israel where we'll need to be contacting shore excursion provides. We, too, are now seriously considering purchasing one.

Unfortunately, they already had dinner plans with my aunt and so it was goodbyes with cake only.
We will be fending for ourselves for the next 2 weeks or so...hanging out until Malcolm's parents return!

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