Sunday, 15 December 2013

A Gospel Sunday

A 1030 brunch at the House of Blues seemed like such a luxurious thing to do. No early starts! The weather though, was windy and wet. We caught the bus to Downtown Disney and walked to the West Side to begin lining up for our meal and show. The House of Blues was a great way to start the day! How uplifting it was to sing praises to the Lord on Sunday! It was also nice to hear about the real reason for Christmas after nearly 10 days of listening to the more politically correct "Happy holidays". The music was upbeat and full of joy. The food was plentiful and tasty. I never thought I'd be feasting on fried chicken for breakfast...

The children still in good spirits despite the cold and windy weather

The Tongs finally together as a family

First plate of breakfast

Beautiful music

And the celebrations continue. 4 birthdays and 3 anniversaries...

We ventured into Disney Quest straight after lunch as it was still cold and rainy. It was a lot bigger than we expected! 5 level of arcade games and virtual rides to suit all ages. 4 way air hockey, dance dance revolution dance offs, classic video games...the choices were endless. Every single member of the family had so much fun.  The ones who valiantly went virtual river rafting did not fare so well afterwards. Going straight onto Aladdin's virtual magic carpet ride was not such a great idea. I had to sit down to quell my churning insides...

Entry was included in our tickets. Yay!
The girls had a ball

Still not sure what Malcolm and Jonah were doing...

The adults dancing was hilarious!

The families retired for an afternoon nap before venturing out to Disney's Hollywood Studios. As promised by the weather man, the clouds disappeared and sun emerged. This was fortunate as we had a fastpass + for fantasmic. Last I read, the fastpass+ did not have specfic reserved areas. When we entered though, we seemed to be directed to certain spots. We were seated at the far left of the viewing area. We were very late though, so I am not sure if that was the reason. Either way, Fantasmic was just as enjoyable the second time around. We stopped by the ABC Commissary for dinner, had some carrot cake cookie and then walked through the amazing Osbourne lights to end yet another wonderful day.

Catching the boat back to Old Key West from Downtown Disney

It was peaceful ride back

meandering through waterways with manicured golf courses on either side

Arriving back at the resort

The beautiful Old Key West Resort

Surprise in our room!

A birthday photo from Mickey to Elliot

Waiting for Fantasmic to start

Jonah has his own ideas of how to wear the glow sticks...

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