Monday, 9 December 2013

Blizzard Beach

This morning we farewelled our Victorianesque home and welcomed Africa. It was another leisurely morning as we moved to our next DVC villa. Bell services had the honour of moving our luggage for us whilst we enjoyed the sunshine at Blizzard Beach. The weather was perfect, warm but not too hot, with a cool breeze. It was shame that Summit Plummit was closed as the boys (read Malcolm) were really forward to it. We had fun nonetheless. Lunch was a simple affair of hotdogs and the whole group had one last slide together before we got changed for our next Half the group tackled the summer course and the other half went on the winter course in an attempt to get through the rounds quickly. We made it to the bus stop right on time to board our bus to the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

That's a lot of sugar!

The famous gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian

Waiting for our bus

There it is!

Blizzard Beach. Summit Plummit which was unfortunately closed

I thought I'd get myself acquainted with this particular place. Fortunately I didn't end up needing to visit it

Yes that ungainly chicken like looking creature would be my youngest son having the time of his life

The big boys had fun too


Time for putt putt!

Someone was surprisingly good at minigolf!

Doesn't take much to have happy children. Fake snow'll do it!

Congratulations Uncle Jason for getting the best score of the day! He won a golf ball

The entrance and lobby was stunning, as was the view of the savanna. The children were immediately transfixed by the giraffes and baby zebra they could see. After check in, we walked for what seemed like kilometres to our 5th floor 2 bedroom villa. The children immediately set out to tick off the animals they had already seen on the wildlife field guide that was provided in our room. We quickly freshened up for our dinner at Sanaa, a restaurant of Indian African fusion. Fortunately, the restaurant was within the resort for we did not freshen up quickly enough and only just made it there in time. Unfortunately because of our party size, we were not able to sit by the window to gaze at the animals. We had noted the various December birthdays on our reservations and it seems like we will be celebrating them at every meal! I heard drumbeats and got excited at the prospect of the show when the ladies stopped by our table. It turned out that they were there to wish Elliot and Elyssa a happy birthday!

Guess where we are!

Love the themed Christmas decorations

Our room

The other room

Online shopping to bolster our clothes supply!

Our balcony

The view from our balcony

Dinner at Sanaa. The split tonight was boys and girls/

Lamb shanks

Fish of the day

Tandoori chicken

Prawns, beef ribs and pilaf

Naan with selection of 9 chutneys

The Happy Birthday Squad!

Time for dessert! Safari Mickey Mousse

Kids cookies and milk

The best ever kulfi. Blood orange with pomegranate sauce

It has been so nice to start off our time at Walt Disney World at such a leisurely pace. It was a far cry from the commando style touring three years ago. However, the serious stuff begins tomorrow. I have been informed that we are to be at the bus stop by 745am tomorrow to make rope drop for Disney's Hollywood Studios. Better get some sleep then...

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