Monday, 23 December 2013

Grand Cayman

Our first port of call is Grand Cayman, the biggest island of the Cayman Islands. As the waters around the island were shallow, we had to tender in. The process was relatively smooth. We lined up, we were given a tender ticker, we were seated and then we boarded our tender. Each tender took a large number of passengers so the line moved quickly. Everyone was excited to see the clear, turquoise waters! We had organised a swim with the dolphins. It seemed like a very good price. We paid USD$45 per person for the experience but as Jonah and Lara were both free, it ended up being quite a cheap shore excursion! The price included return transfers to the port. With the Cayman Islands being a British Overseas Territory, they drive on the left hand side of the road but we noticed that there were cars which were right hand drive and then there were cars which were left hand drive!

Disney Fantasy in the waters of the Cayman Islands!

Happy Birthday Daniel (right)!

Off the tender

Who doesn't want to jump into water so clear and blue?!?!

Following the leader to Dolphin Cove

Into the bus

Waiting for instructions. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take any more photos from here on...

The drive was short and we soon arrived at our destination. Making payment and the pre-swim routine took a while but once we hit the water, it was an amazing experience! Jonah was so excited about the swim last night but for some reason became very afraid and opted out which was a shame.

The whole group (well half of us) pumped and ready to go!

The dolphin feels different to what I expected!

The children loved being pulled along by the dolphin

As did the adults!

A kiss...

...and a farewell performance and we were off

We returned to the ship for some fun and food on deck before dinner. It was pirate night and all were decked out in their best pirate attire. The entertainment for the evening was Magic Dave and he was hilarious. I felt sorry for him at times as some of the children he picked as volunteers were spoilt little brats! He dealt with it extremely well and with great humour. Lara and Jared were fortunate enough to be picked as volunteers which was a buzz for the night.

So happy after the dolphin swim

The tender on the way back to the ship

Let's go on the aquaduck!

There goes Malcolm and Jonah!

Jonah ready to go again!

Pirate night. As we were travelling for so long, we had to travel light and did not bring any special pirate gear :(

Pirates Sidney and Shirley

Unfortunately for me, as I type, my nose is completely blocked and so I am retiring to sleep with the children and Malcolm once again…parties on!

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