Saturday, 14 December 2013

Alles Gute zum Hochzeitstag

It was another moving day. We gazed at the animals in the savanna for the last time, handed over our luggage and food items to bell services, and headed to Epcot again for more celebrations!

First item on the agenda is to use our 20% off voucher acquired the evening before. The family dispersed within Mousegear ogling at merchandise. Sadly, we had to interrupt our morning activity in order to make our lunch reservation at Biergarten in Germany. We had a two wedding anniversaries to celebrate. Jason (also known as Juan) and Ethel, as well as Kuan and Sharon. Oh and of course, the other birthdays got celebreated yet again! I loved Biergarten! The atmosphere was fantastic as was the food. Everyone ensured that they ingested some cabbage so as not to miss out on dispersing bubbles throughout the day...The oompahpah band was good fun and put everyone in great spirits. Who would have known that alpine instruments could provide that much entertainment!

Lunch stop

The atmospheric interior of Biergarten

The stage show
The children dancing
Good food and good beer

We continued our exploration of the world showcase in a clockwise direction and managed to cover Germany, Italy, America and Japan before we had to rush over back to the front half of the park to utilise our fastpasses. Dinner was back at Sunshine Seasons for acquisition of more discount coupons (and good food of course!).

The detailed mini town and train set that had one little boy captivated

He alternated between standing absolutely still and running up and down following the trains

Finally made it to Italy!


Fife and drum parade

followed by a bevy of children

Waving the declaration of independence

Great time to try an American Dream - raspberry slushie, blueberry slushie and vanilla ice cream


A very ill Jared after Mission Space and a very happy Andrew next to him

We then had to hurry to Old Key West as we had to welcome two more additions to our travelling party! Old Key West is just beautiful. Our apartment is HUGE. The space was welcomed by all. We quickly unpacked and distributed the groceries. The highlight had to be the 30 pounds of bananas that Malcolm bought online. At least he remembered to buy a mixture of ripe and green bananas so that we didn't have to consume all of it at once!

The very lovely lobby of Old Key West and yes the children are watching TV 

More shopping

Malcolm unloading the groceries

The all important alcohol for the cruise has arrived

Breakfast provisions as organised by a man

sugar loaded but I couldn't resist...

Seasickness patch...tick!

Shopping for tiger mum...tick!

Forgot to post about my new watch

And if you're ever wondering what 30 pounds of bananas look like, here it is!

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