Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas in Cozumel

We arose early to celebrate this joyous day when Jesus Christ was born with a church service at 7am. It helped us set the tone for the day as we were reminded of why we were here and the significance of today. The group then headed up towards deck 11 for food. We pulled into Cozumel during breakfast. The sun had burst through the morning shower and there was a spectacular full rainbow. We could see it from one end to the other! What a great way to celebrate Christmas. We quickly gave the children their small Christmas gifts and then headed down to deck three. There was hot chocolate and cookies galore in the Atrium to fill us up as we disembarked at Punta Logosta to explore Cozumel. After scoping out our options, we decided to return to the ship and make use of the ship’s facilities instead. Specifically, we wanted to go on the Aquaduck while other guests were at shore. Our afternoon in the sun was fun and relaxing. The children headed off to their various kids’ activities and we settled down to watch Saving Mr Banks. I had little knowledge about the film other than it was about PL Travers’ interaction with Walt Disney himself. The film surprised me. I was drawn in from the beginning. It was a whimsical walk down nostalgia lane with a touch of poignancy and humour. I enjoyed it thoroughly and was glad that I made the time to watch it.

Opening presents

Jonah very happy with his stash

Very happy with her own kindle.

A new boardgame. An early Birthday present so he can play it with his friends

Christmas goodies on deck 3



More gifts from DCL


But wait...there's more!
 The relaxation continued into the evening with pre-dinner drinks and some home made trivia. Our Christmas meal was to be at Animator’s Palate. We were able to create our own "animation". We drew on special cards which were magically turned into moving characters on screen. The children were tickled pink to see their drawings come to life
Taking the task of creating his man very seriously


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