Thursday, 26 December 2013

Happy Birthday Elliot!

There is no better way to celebrate an 11th Birthday than being with family and friends on a floating haven for children. It was a low key sea day. The whole family was content to slow down the pace and relax. We chased trivia quizzes the whole day with little luck. We obviously did not know as much as we thought we did! We consoled our poor effort with a sushi lunch at Cabanas. Whilst mother napped, Elliot enjoyed his new boardgame with friends. The whole gang decided to watch the matinee showing of Disney’s Believe. I enjoyed it a little more than Wishes. The storyline was a little less forced. The music, sets and costumes were as wonderful as ever. Dinner was followed by as many family portraits as we could squeeze before settling the children to bed early.

Happy Birthday Elliot!

How many children can you squeeze into one cabin? Playing boardgames

Malcolm running his own trivia quiz

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