Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Our Last Disney Park Day

Our time at Walt Disney World was coming to an end. With our remaining days allocated to do other things, today was to be our last day at the theme park itself. We spent the day at leisure at the Magic Kingdom, enjoying the park whimsically with no plans whatsoever. We went on rides and attractions as we felt like it, and just soaked up the atmosphere of the park at Christmas.

I would like to briefly write about our dinner experience though. We were fortunate enough to get 4 separate reservations at Be Our Guest all at around the same time. The cast member kindly seated all 28 of us in the same room, the West Wing, spread over 3 tables. We couldn't believe our luck. As we entered the beast's castle and walked into the ballroom, all our jaws dropped. The scene was just like in the movie! I felt like waltzing around! We shown into the much darker West Wing. A lot more dramatic and intimate. Unfortunately, this made taking photographs very difficult! With the food reviews being mixed, we didn't have high expectations. Perhaps that was why we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food. We all enjoyed our meals. We celebrated the birthdays and anniversaries one more time. The cast member brought out the grey stuff. It really was delicious! The whole gang delighted over choosing our dessert visually. The meal ended all too quickly and we were escorted out to the park entrance so as not to abscond into Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party!

Our very last theme park day. Magic Kingdom it has to be!

Country Bear Jamboree. I have fond memories of this attraction from my childhood

Elliot has decided that he wanted to pin trade

Lara enjoying the carousel in her Merida outfit

Chowder and crabmeat sandwich for lunch

One last whirl...

...before we say goodbye

Our dinner

Lara was chuffed to be allowed to carry the candle to our table

The entry

The impressive hand molded chandelier especially made in Italy for the ballroom

The ceiling also hand painted like in the movie

The magic rose in the West Wing, its petals fall as you dine

The beasts portrait, which changes briefly to the beast when the lightning and thunder strikes

The very rich and thick french onion soup.




Strawberry cupcake

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