Saturday, 7 December 2013


Eek! I leave tomorrow and I just realised that I haven't finished my posts on my trip to Jakarta! So here is a very hurried overview of my cousin's beautiful wedding...

The morning, to be honest, was a bit of a disaster. The whole extended family travelled to the opulent Shangri-La Jakarta with the intention of getting dressed with more space. Unfortunately, it turned out to be closer to a refugee march, with all of us moving from one room to another. Three rooms later...we found our home!

The ceremony was a simple Christian ceremony, with the reception within the hotel itself. It was nice to meet up with cloes relatives that I haven't seen for years. Although it appears that we're related to half the guests in the room...The evening ended quickly and I had to return home the next day. But not before doing some shopping!

We stopped at a local craftsman expo and it was amazing. Local products including batiks of all kinds from different regions of Indonesia were on display and for sale. Being the last day of the expo, there were great bargains to be had!

Jonah and I were dropped off at the airport and the rest of the family continued on their holiday in Bali. So jealous!!! The flight home was uneventful. Jonah was a champion, falling asleep when the plane was taxi-ing and stayed asleep until we landed. Phew.

The flower girl

The groom's mum and the groom's uncle, my aunt and my uncle

Jovela, the bride and her brother walking her down the aisle

My very tired niece!

How many people can fit into one hotel room...

Ready for evening festivities!

My parents part of the welcoming party

The massive cake!

Content to eat and watch

A happy groom singing to his bride

Happy greetings all round

Family and friends

The groom's brother's a photo of me with my cousin

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