Friday, 27 December 2013

Castaway Cay

I awoke with nervous anticipation. On our last cruise, we never ended up docking at Castaway Cay because of strong winds. A cautious peek outside the balcony showed calm waters which was a good sign! We got dressed and ate quickly. As soon as we were allowed off the ship, we were off! 

We loved Castaway Cay! Once again we were blessed with good weather. The sun shone, and the breeze kept us cool. The rain didn’t come until we boarded the ship at the end of the day!

We hopped on the tram and alighted at Pelican Plunge. After grabbing some deck chairs under the shade, we lost the children. There was no holding them back from the slide. It was fortunate that we sun-screened everyone whilst on still on the ship! We relaxed, we swam, we cycled, we snorkeled, we ate and we shopped! Jonah worked hard at cycling for 5km all by himself. His effort must have been evident as many around him offered words of encouragemet "You can do it!". Malcolm and Elliot snorkeled for many hours looking for the hidden Mickey which apparently wasn't so hidden. It was the size of Lara! We loved how convenient it was to get food and ice-cream! It was a very satisfied family who went back onboard.

Unfortunately, it was our last evening on the ship. With much sadness, we had to pack and tidy up loose ends. This took up much of our evening and with a very early breakfast the next morning, we retired early.

Our first glimpse of Disney's private island, Castaway Cay

After waiting for what seems like forever to unload the food first, we're off

We hopped on the tram

Admiring the ship

We've found spot!

Pelican Plunge

The nice calm waters of the lagoon

He's picked out his bike

Pedaling hard!

Can't believe the day went by so quickly

Christmas decorations on the island

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