Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Our plan to be right at the front of line didn't quite get executed as well as expected, but we made it to the entrance before opening time of 9am which was what counted! As soon as we were allowed in, we made a bee line for Toy Story Mania, with our fastpass runners sent off to obtain fastpasses for Rock'n'Rollin Coaster. We had three extra members join our group last night as our numbers swelled to 18...

Trying to organise the group to move quickly

Yes we made it before the gates opened....close enough to the front. Yay!

The rest of the day was spent in a flurry of activity. The group was moved around the park very quickly so it was difficult to take photographs! We aimed to cover the major highlights today and managed to do it comfortably even with the little ones. Lunch was a delightfully retro affair at Sci-fi Dine-in. The children thought it a treat and their eyes were glued to the big screen for most of the meal which made for happy parents who could eat in peace! As a recommendation, the cookies and cream milkshake was pretty darn good but it was VERY filling...

Guess which ride!?!?!

One of my favourite rides

I'm always running after everyone!

Lunch time!

Transfixed on the screen

Yes the milkshakes are good!

The specialty, artichoke dip, not too bad!

And the birthday celebrations continue!

No car stunt show would be complete without Lightning McQueen

The boys desperately wanted to be picked as a volunteer

Playing games with the toy soldiers

One last photo with Goofy Santa before heading out of the park

We plugged on in the park until 4:30pm when we headed back to the Animal Kingdom Lodge for our dinner reservation at Boma. The African themed buffet offered a good variety of tasty dishes. The famed soups did not disappoint and neither did the Zebra dome. The adults re-discovered the joys of rootbeer and our poor waitress had to change half the drink orders to root beers. She must have thought we were a group of deprived people...

The magnificent Jambo House

View of the savanna out of those amazing windows never cease to take your breath away

The Animal Kingdom version of the childrens television area

Everyone having a great time at dinner. Notice all the root beers...

The pumpkin cheesecake on the left and the famed zebra dome on the right

The children trying to spot animals using the night vision goggles

It was then a leisurely walk back to Kidani Village where we did some night time animal gazing with night vision goggles. By this time, we were all pooped but psyched for another long day at the Magic Kingdom tomorrow.

It was rather remiss of me to not have mentioned that we had our first "lost child" incident today! The lost child was the eldest of the pack who had conveniently stopped at a penny press machine while the rest of the pack was madly running to the Indian Jones Stunt Show. Uncle Mal went out to look for him and he was fortunately found quickly. It appears he may have been spared a rather large scolding from his mother at Uncle Mal's request. He has since formed a "bond" with Uncle Mal. I will follow you, follow you whereever you may go.(even to have pictures taken with Mike and Sully...

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